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Realizing that you are only jealous of a small piece of the overall picture makes it much more manageable. After identifying you jealousy triggers, you have two basic choices. You can "engineer the problem away" by making agreements with your partner to avoid that particular behavior or situation, as shown in several previous examples. And maybe subconsciously I was trying to make her feel bad, or aware that she had upset me. I really don't think she was trying to make you jealous, so if you act 'off' with her she will just think you're being weird. You aren't even in a relationship and from what you've said you haven't really...A Virgo woman will drop a person trying to make her jealous quickly if they're being manipulative or purposeful about it. However, if the reason why she's jealous actually comes from an innocent place, she'll give them a chance to make it up to her before she completely cuts ties. Jul 27, 2020 · If you get involved in a long-term relationship with Virgo, you’ll be amazed at the many new and different positions and techniques Virgo will encourage you to try! Also, as a life partner, what more can you ask for than someone who gets off on doing everything possible to be of service to you?